• Posted on April 21, 2015

    Dear Wounded Worshiper,This one is for the one whose back has been stabbed, whose ears have burned and hearts have hurt. This one is for the few and the faithful. This is for the wounded worshiper, the scarred saint and the parishioner with pain. This is also for the person who struggled with believing, the person who would not darken the doors because of the rumors. This is for the skeptic, the critic and the cynic. This one is for the baptist, methodist, non-denominational, word of faith and pentecostal sensational. This one is for us all.I am sorry.On behalf of the local and global church, and everyone who claimed to bare the name of Christ. On behalf of the false teacher, religious leader,

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  • Posted on March 18, 2015
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      I am just now getting around to using a domain name I bought about 3 years ago. If you have spent any amount of time around me, you will soon discover that my brain works in domain names. So buying them for cheap is a hobby of mine. Some people collect stamps, I collect domain names. Honestly, the domains rarely ever become something significant. Most of the time they are just clever ideas that would take up way too much time to execute. But on occasion, an idea comes to mind that gains traction. The idea I am presenting to you today is one of those. I am excited to release www.TheSermonShop.com This is a resource designed to help pastors with their series,

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