• Posted on February 11, 2015
    service times at Focus

    1. We must maintain and improve our user experience. With an earlier service time, the tendency could become to cut a few corners on our user experience. That should never be the case. The reason we have to add a third service is because of the current quality we already provide. We must not weaken what our audience experiences at any service time. As a matter of fact, by opening up more seats, we probably should improve the caliber to fill the new seats. 2. We must end on time every time. There is no more wiggle room for turning a service around. The clock must be set and we must end accordingly. The offering and 411 needs to be limited to

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  • Posted on February 09, 2015
    80 By Easter

    Hey Church,We have set a goal to see 80 people serving on a single Sunday at Focus before Easter. Hence the name #80ByEaster. This challenge exist because we understand the value in not only receiving from the local church, but also serving in the local church.  We also love seeing people go from sitting in rows to serving on teams. When people make that transition, they get a front row seat of all the life change that happens at Focus.This past Sunday we had 50 individual people wearing a lanyard and we broke our attendance record! There is an obvious connection between how many people are serving and how many people attend on a Sunday. For everyone who is currently

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